Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Scattered Thunder Again Today

A cool front will drift south into the region today, bringing another chance of showers and storms to the region.  Like yesterday, storms will be scattered around and not everyone will get in on them.  Modeling suggests the chances are highest in the afternoon (not surprising) but models do vary on placement of storm activity.  Any thunderstorm that develops could be locally severe with gusty winds and hail but odds favor few severe storms overall  and most storms to generally be on the scattered side.

Like yesterday, any storm that does develop will be slow moving and locally drenching.  Some spots could pick up a couple of inches of rain in a short amount of time. Other spots will end up dry through the whole of the day as thunder will be of the scattered, hit or miss variety.

Highs this afternoon get into the lower 80's in most locations, with the Shore the notable exception as highs top out in the upper 70's by day's end.  There will probably be more clouds around than yesterday, which will result in temperatures being a few degrees cooler than yesterday's high of 88 in the city.