Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Rainiest Months On Record

On the heels of today's rains, thought it would be a good idea to share the rainfall totals from the rainiest months on record in Philadelphia since 1872.  There have been a couple of other months (June 1867, July 1842, August 1867) that featured over ten inches of rain but since modern climate records have been kept the rainiest months on record are listed below.

Also not listed here is June 1938, which is the rainiest June so far at 10.06".   Can we make a run at this record?  It's possible...we're up to 7.19" through 5 PM today.

In terms of storm chances, after tonight our next shot of storms comes on Monday into Tuesday with another front. As of now, the models aren't as aggressive with rain as they hyped up this rain event today (and failed relatively badly at given that rainfall was only 0.08" at Mount Pocono after being modeled at close to two inches up there).  Modeling does suggest another half inch to inch with the Monday into Tuesday exvent.

We'll keep an eye on the upcoming storm potential for Monday -- but as of now, this June ranks 9th in wettest months on record (through 5 PM).