Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Third Verse, Similar To First...And Second

Today is going to offer yet another opportunity for weather that's similar to what we experienced yesterday...and on Monday.  Sunshine to start, a quick jump in temperatures that leads to a hot midday and early afternoon, followed by a breaking of the atmospheric cap and some thunderstorms popping in the afternoon hours.

Like the past two days, any of the strong storms that pop up in the afternoon could be strong or briefly severe, with hail and gusty winds the prominent threats from any thunder development.  A slight risk for severe weather is out along and northwest of Interstate 295 in New Jersey, as well as Eastern Pennsylvania and the northern half of New Castle County.

Temperatures start warm this morning and will remain warm until thunder develops after midday.  As you can tell from the model graphic above, not everyone sees storms and, once again, some areas will get popped perhaps a couple of times while others don't get hit at all.

Highs tomorrow get to around or just above 90 through the region, except for the Shore.  Temperatures will probably cool in the afternoon in areas where storms do develop so not everyone will be at or above 90 at 5 PM but the high temperatures for the day will be close to that point.