Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thursday's Potential For More Storms

We alluded to the potential for a stormy end of this week in a post back on Monday and we're watching the setup take hold as a frontal boundary approaches the region tomorrow.  This frontal boundary stalls out as the Bermuda High in the Atlantic holds tight.  The combination of the Bermuda High in the Atlantic and a deepening trough in the Great Lakes yields a potentially stormy and tropical setup as moisture will push up the East Coast from Florida.

Thunderstorms and humidity will be the 'norm' for the next several days although temperatures will probably not be as hot as past days due to the presence of cloud cover and the decreasing influence of the Bermuda High as it ridges a bit more aggressively to its north and flexes less influence over our weather thanks to the trough in the Lakes.  That said, it's gon' rain and storm on a more widespread basis over the next several days...and the potential for a few inches of rain between now and next week is not out of the realm of possibility.

Tomorrow offers another opportunity for more widespread thunder.  Odds are a bit higher than past days that everyone gets thundered upon at some point in the day, specifically in the afternoon or evening hours as the disturbance and low pressure center responsible for tomorrow's storms approaches the region.

Modeling indicates the threat for more heavy rain and perhaps some isolated severe weather in the strongest of storms.

Looking out over the next several days, thunder threats do exist in the forecast nearly each day but the threat varies from scattered to more widespread, due largely to the strength of any disturbances that track around the upper trough in the Lakes.  The Bermuda High holds firm through the weekend and into next week, perhaps strengthening its grip somewhat and nudging the trough back to the west next week.  The result of such an outcome would be a resumption of 90 degree weather later next week.   Until that happens, the threat of scattered or widespread thunder does exist in the forecast over the next several days...and the possibility of more heavy rainfall exists.