Monday, June 10, 2013

After One Earlier Round Of Storms, A Second One Lurks Ahead

Update, 8 PM:   Watching a line of thunderstorms out to the west and southwest of Philadelphia continuing their march east and northeast. The storm to Baltimore's west and northwest has produced a tornado touchdown this evening (outlined in the red box below) and it's poised to track through Northern Maryland and into Southeastern Pennsylvania later this evening. Those storms may not stay as strong as they are now but the potential for more heavy rain does exist later on this evening.

Timing these storms, it appears they should arrive into the Philly metro after 9:30 PM, probably pushing 10 or 10:30 for the city itself.

Tornado Watch is out until 10 PM for the southern half of the region -- exceptions being Bucks, Berks, Ocean, and Mercer Counties and points north of there.  Heavy rain and thunder continue to push northeast through the Delaware Valley at this hour, with a few brief funnels having occurred in parts of the Mid Atlantic today with this disturbance.  One was near Baltimore earlier today and another may have briefly touched down near Glasgow in New Castle County around 4:45 PM.

Rains today have been prolific in some parts of the region -- over two inches of rain has fallen so far today in Chester County, with more falling out there at this point.  Everything is moving northeast through the region, with a couple of hours of heavy rain and thunder forthcoming before the back edge gets into the city around 7 or 7:30 this evening.  This is a brief break as more thunderstorm activity lurks back to the west and southwest of DC, which may move through here around or just after 10 PM if it holds together.

This line has had a history of producing severe weather as well through the day and popped a couple of tornado warnings.  The severe threat in this region should diminish by later this evening but the threat for heavy rainfall in any thunderstorm that does move through the region will continue.

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