Thursday, June 13, 2013

Updating Tonight's Weather

As we hit the 5 PM hour around Philly, we're in between two lines of thunderstorm activity as a cool front is trying to cross through the region.  One line is to the north and that has a bit of a "rougher" edge on the southern side of that line around Allentown. A more active line of thunderstorms is over the Chesapeake Bay south and also from near Dover south through Maryland.  All of this activity is pushing east and northeast.

Until the frontal boundary (think of the line extending from Allentown to the Chesapeake) moves east and through the city, the risk of a shower or storm in the city is possible. It's not great but it's doable. There's still a bit of instability left around in the atmosphere and there's enough that a storm could fire.  The skies look a bit more threatening than reality at this point.

South of the city, the line in Delaware is rather strong and will work into South Jersey -- generally south of a Salem to Manahwakin line over the next couple of hours as it pushes east and northeast. Winds to 60, perhaps higher, frequent lightning, and some hail possible.  There's no severe storm watch out for you guys at this point but these storms have enough pop in them that it could be a bit rough over the next couple of hours as they push east and northeast.

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