Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fewer Storms, Still Humid & Warm

We continue the pattern of scattered storms today but with a bit less coverage than past days.  Modeling shows a widely scattered/smattering type look out there in the afternoon hours.  Consider it a bit of a break compared to past days.

While the threat for thunder does exist, the threat for severe will be a bit more limited due to the fact that the atmosphere will be a bit more stable and the dynamics aren't as proficient for widespread soakings of storms.

That said, there will be a couple of storms around in the afternoon and evening hours in parts of the region...but again, widely scattered in nature.

Highs today will get into the upper 80's again through much of the region, warmest south and east (South Jersey, Lower Delaware) and it's possible a spot or two could touch 90 by day's end.  Dew points will run a few degrees lower than yesterday -- generally in the 65-67 range -- which will yield a muggy day but a notch better overall.

And, yes, we did set a rainfall record in Philadelphia for the month of June. We're up to 10.11" as of the end of yesterday. The old record was 10.06" from 1938.