Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weather Rewind: June 23-29, 2013

There were two stories to last week's weather around here -- the first was heat, picking up three 90 degree days as the region finished the week 3.9 degrees above average for the week on temperatures.  Even on the days it didn't hit 90, it was still rather warm and summery outside.

The other story -- and probably one that ends up carrying a bit more weight -- was the near daily occurrence of thunderstorms around the region thanks to atmospheric disturbances, a frontal boundary that stalled near the region, and an influx of tropical moisture.  Those three factors teamed up to bring a lot of rain to parts of the region.  Most of the thunderstorm activity last week was scattered in nature, as evidenced by the map below that shows precipitation in relation to average.  Areas to our north and northwest, as well as the Shore, didn't see much rain last week although the threat of storms nearby definitely existed.  However, parts of Chester, Delaware, New Castle, Mercer, and most of Suburban South Jersey picked up quite a bit of much as four to five inches over the course of the week!

Philadelphia's rains -- 1.80" worth, pushed their monthly total to 10.11" for the month, making it the rainiest June since official records were first kept in 1872.  It's also the tenth rainiest month on record in Philadelphia...we have a loooong ways to go to get to #1 (August 2011, over 19" of rain).