Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weather Rewind, June 9-15, 2013

Temperatures last week were relatively normal (precipitation wasn't...more on that in a bit), averaging out to 0.7 degrees above average. Wednesday and Thursday were our warmest days, Wednesday and Saturday arguably our sunniest in the region.

The biggest story out of last week was the torrent of rain on Monday, with more flooding in parts of the region, followed by the thunderstorms that rocked through the region on Thursday morning (for most of us) and Thursday evening (south and southeast of the city).  While the city picked up just under a half inch of rain, the morning thunderstorms brought a lot of lightning and some rather gusty winds to parts of the region as the storm complex pushed on through to the coast.  More thunderstorms developed south of town Thursday afternoon and brought wind gusts to nearly 70 mph in parts of Delaware and Maryland.  The city was just on the northern fringes of those evening storms, getting a dose of light to steady rain.

The heavy rain parade this month has pushed rainfall percentages to normal north of 200 percent throughout the Delaware Valley, north of 300 in much of the immediate I-95 corridor, and over 400 percent of normal in the brightest purple shading to our west, over the city, and south.  The city is at 411 percent of normal through yesterday.