Monday, June 03, 2013

Weather Rewind: May 26th-June 1st, 2013

Last week's temperatures averaged out to 4.4 degrees above average as we got a foursome of 90's in the Delaware Valley, with a relatively large jump in temperatures from 66 to 90 between Tuesday and Wednesday.   Such a temperature jump (from the 60's to the 90's) or drop (vice versa) does not happen too often around here.  The last time we had such a drastic one day switch (into or out of the 90's from or to the 60's) was back on April 28th and 29th, 1990, going from a high of 90 to a high of 68 the next day.

Getting our first 90 coming out of a day in the 60's is definitely a pretty rare accomplishment for Philadelphia.

Rainfall was relatively light this week -- confined to the showers that moved through the region on Tuesday ahead of the warm front, with a few isolated thunderstorms around the region on Thursday afternoon and little else in the way of precipitation through the course of the week.  It was quiet and volatile as temperatures jumped from cool to hot.

Nationally, May was warm for the Great  Lakes, Plains, and West...seasonal for the South, Mid Atlantic, and Ohio Valley.  The big story in May was the snow in the Upper Midwest early in the month, followed by the snow in the Adirondacks over Memorial Day weekend...with some severe weather and heavy rains in Oklahoma through the latter half of the month.  Oklahoma City set a record for wettest May on record with 14.52" of rain.