Thursday, June 20, 2013

Worth Watching: Annual March Of Vegetation On Earth

This is a really cool video from NOAA, showing the extent of vegetation and its annual march through the hemispheres as the months and seasons progress through time, as well as learn how researchers are using the data from the NOAA Suomi NPP satellite to help them with weather prediction, drought prediction, and other research.

It also provides some cool snapshots of how things look locally regarding vegetation...and the local landscape thanks to the city and even suburban influences.

The above photo shows the contrast between vegetation (green and various shades of it, with darker greens indicating forest areas) and the urban core of Philadelphia (near center) and New York City (above, right).  If you look closely enough, you can see pencil thin stripes of road and rail that stretch out from the various cities -- the Main Line of Route 30 and the formerly-known-as R5 train line, plus Route 202 are relatively easy to spot in the western burbs, for instance.   The big I-95 cities to our southwest -- Baltimore and Washington -- also show up on this map, just not as pronounced as Philadelphia and New York are.