Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Continuing More Of Same

Another day, another disturbance approaches the region from the west and crosses the region in the afternoon.  The region will see a mix of sun and clouds through the course of the day, with some scattered showers and storms popping up in the afternoon hours.  Some gusty showers and "pulse" storms are possible in parts of the region but it appears activity should be scattered and not widespread overall.  Showers are currently in Western and Central Pennsylvania and moving east although the trend is for them to weaken as they approach us...we'll see how much of that activity holds together this morning.

With temperatures starting this morning in mostly in the 70's, we will likely head into the upper 80's and around 90 for a high by day's end. We're projecting near 90 for Philadelphia -- all depending on whether showers and storms fire earlier in the afternoon or if it's a late in the afternoon type of setup...much like yesterday.  The Shore will be a bit cooler -- around 80 for a high -- with the rest of us in the upper 80's or close to 90.  Humidity levels will nudge higher slowly through the afternoon, with heat index values for the day a few degrees higher than the actual air temperature.