Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Continuing The Slow Burn

In the wake of the hottest day of the year yesterday, we're going to nudge the air temperature up another notch this afternoon.  Skies will be mostly sunny to completely sunny throughout the region, allowing us to bake once again under the influence of a very strong ridge of high pressure.

The good news? Well, dew points will be in the mid and upper 60's this afternoon, about five or so degrees lower than yesterday.

The bad news? Temperatures will be a notch or two higher tomorrow in many locations despite northwest breezes in most locations. The drying atmosphere will heat up a bit with those northwesterly winds as there is no cool air in the wake of a trough that slid south through the region last night. Northwesterly downsloping winds will help warm our region into the mid 90's, with the immediate Shore a bit cooler.  With dew points in the 60's, heat index values flirt with but perhaps don't exceed 100 in too many spots at peak heat this afternoon.