Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fourth Day Of Heat Blazes On

There won't be much difference between what happened yesterday and what will happen today -- plenty of sunshine, plenty of heat, an unhealthy dose of humidity.  Excessive heat warnings continue around the immediate Philadelphia metro for the third straight day as heat index values will flirt with 100 degrees.

Highs across the region will be quite uniform -- mid 90's away from the ocean, with the exception of upper 80's at the water before nudging back in the afternoon as winds shift southeast around midday with the development of a seabreeze.  Like yesterday, that seabreeze will make a decent bit of headway inland across South Jersey and will provide some relief in the afternoon hours at the Shore (although you will notice a bit more humidity down there in the afternoon).

Today may end up a degree or two warmer than Tuesday, with dew point levels similar to perhaps a notch higher. It will be hot, perhaps the hottest of the year (beating Monday's 95) but the humidity will be higher yet on Thursday and Friday, which are shaping up as the brunt of the heat wave from a "feels like" standpoint.