Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hottest Of Year Ahead Next Week

Those longing for an end to the muggies of the past few weeks will have to wait a while. The "good" news is that we will dry out...with tomorrow and Monday featuring lowered chances of storms compared to today and yesterday. However, as high pressure builds aloft over the Ohio Valley, we get into a favored position for significant heat to build over the East Coast and it appears that the hottest weather of the year is looming for next week.

Bermuda Highs, which we were stuck with for the better part of the past two to three weeks, provide humidity and heat but don't produce our hottest temperatures of the year as the influence of the Bermuda High typically is such that we get "dog day" type weather (hazy, humid, hot).  For us to get blasted with additional heat, the high pressure ridge often for us needs to be positioned near Western Pennsylvania or Ohio, providing a bit more of a westerly and less southerly flow, thereby reducing the influence of Atlantic moisture (slightly) although we can still be quite humid.

With the ridge of high pressure aloft building over us as the weekend progresses and then slowly building back to the west, our temperatures will climb daily through midweek.  Our hottest days this year were 94 degrees on July 6th and appears that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday provide us chances to reach or breach that mark.  Wednesday probably is the hottest of the bunch ahead.

Humidity will still be a factor -- dew points will be in the upper half of the 60's, lower 70's through Thursday, providing a heat index factor that pushes 100 or above those three afternoons.  Heat advisories and warnings will loom shortly, I would think.

It doesn't appear that we crack 100 degrees based on modeling but it will still be hot out regardless!

After Thursday, a weak front slides across New England and beats some of the upper ridge back a bit. It will still be quite warm but it won't be as hot as midweek.  Some storms will also be possible in greater quantity late Thursday through Saturday.

Regarding storm chances overall next week, while a few pop up storms are possible each afternoon, storms will be far fewer in number than what we dealt with yesterday.