Thursday, July 04, 2013

Humidity Strives Forth On The Fourth

Temperatures this morning were warmer in Philly than in Fort Myers and were running neck-and-neck with Cozumel, Mexico (at one point both Philly and Cozumel shared the same temperature and dew point readings).  Given we've only had 12 hours since Sunday at 1 AM where the dew point was below 70, one can imagine the humidity act is wearing a bit thin.

If we could only throw the humidity overboard and declare our independence from it...unfortunately, we will remain bound by it for at least a few more days.  Oh, and we'll ratchet up the temperatures a couple of notches as well in order to make the feel of summer complete.

The ring of rain that was driving up I-95 has shifted west and is Ohio and Kentucky's problem today for the most part. It doesn't mean we're completely thunder-free but we should only see pop up, hit-and-miss thunder around the region this afternoon. However, with atmospheric moisture levels decreasing as the Bermuda High builds in from the east, the odds of dodging downpours will be lower than past days.

We will see a general mix of clouds and sun -- highs near or around 90 inland (Philly and south have the best shot of hitting 90 by day's end), low 80's at the Shore. Adding in the humidity factor, it will feel about five to seven degrees warmer at peak heat and places with naturally higher dew point readings like Dover could generate heat index values above 100).