Monday, July 15, 2013

July 16th, 2013 Forecast

This week may very well end up as the hottest of 2013 once everything's done. Temperatures will be in the 90's through at least Friday and probably through Saturday as well, with humidity levels that will vary from uncomfortable to nasty as well.  While we are going to see some reduction in dew points tonight and tomorrow, with 60's instead of the lower and mid 70's for many of us, humidity will creep higher as we roll to Thursday and Friday...both days may bring the highest heat index values of the year despite temperatures not quite as high as what is projected on Wednesday.

It won't matter outside of a semantic argument -- it's hot, humid, and if you don't have air conditioning the heat presents a dangerous stretch of weather.

We do have a chance of an isolated storm or two around this evening, mainly north and northwest of the city, as a weak trough slides on through. There's little relief with the trough other than helping shove some of the tropical moisture south of the city.  Temperatures tonight drop into the 70's everywhere, warmest in the city where Center City may just barely get below 80 by morning.

Tuesday's highs range between 94 and 97 inland, with the Shore in the mid or upper 80's with a mostly sunny sky. With dew points in the 60's, heat index values will be a few degrees higher and generally hang out close to or just above 100.

Wednesday ends up the hottest on air temperature, with Thursday or Friday feeling the worst in terms of heat index as humidity creeps a bit higher.  Temperatures could crack 95 through Friday before a cool front slides down towards us, bringing an increased thunder threat on Saturday.