Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keeping Dry & Comfortable

Today will probably not be as sunny as yesterday -- some high and mid level clouds may spread over the region during the course of the day from the west, but we should see a healthy dose of sunshine to start the day and intervals of sun and clouds from late morning on.

Humidity levels will continue to remain low as dew points hang in the 50's.  The result of this is another comfortable day in the region.  We're starting in the 50's and 60's throughout the region, coolest in the Pennsylvania suburbs to the north and west where it was 57 in the 4 AM hour as close to the city as Blue Bell.

Expect highs this afternoon in the mid 80's in just about the entire region. West breezes hang at around six to twelve miles per hour, perhaps with a bit of a seabreeze in the afternoon along the Shore that could knock temperatures down slightly in the afternoon.  Regardless, it'll be a nice day throughout the region!