Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Recapping June 2013

June 2013 ended up running 1.3 degrees above average and brought four 90 degree days to the equation.  It was a seasonably warm month although it featured a bit of a yo-yo in terms of seasonable weather as temperatures varied from hot to comfortable to tropical through the course of the month. It did, however, end up a bit warmer than last year thanks in large part to the warm finish to the month.

The big story, obviously, was rainfall.  10.56" of it in Philadelphia. 6th wettest month on record, regardless of month, and the rainiest June as well.  It was also the wettest June ever at Wilmington (13.66") and their fourth wettest month regardless of record.  Other close calls were met at Atlantic City (3rd wettest, less than an inch from the record), as well as kinda close and really wet at Georgetown, DE (12.24"), Mount Pocono (9.19"), and Trenton (10.16"), all of which were second (to our knowledge) wettest months of June on record.

This marks the fourth month (including August 2009, August & September 2011) in the last four years where Philadelphia has picked up at least ten inches of rain during a month. You can thank the pair of stalled fronts that lined up against the Bermuda High over the course of the month for the copious torrents of rain that we've endured...