Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Soakings For Some, Not For Others

Scattered rains and thunder will continue to loom as a potential obstacle to your day. However, rainfall will probably be a bit more scattered, a bit less widespread, and it will be a bit warmer than yesterday as a result.   The weather pattern continues to be one of a rinse and repeat -- with scattered tropical torrents of showers firing up and tracking north and northeast.  Not everyone gets a ton of rain but because the atmosphere is chalk full of moisture the threat for heavy rainfall does exist around the region today.

Rains have been heavy in the Poconos overnight -- over two inches of rain having fallen in parts of Carbon and Monroe County as soaking storms tracked to our west and north.

Dew points remain high today -- around or above 70 -- and with southerly breezes around 10 mph we're going to feel like we're in the tropics out there.  Given our start in the 70's (many of us are in the middle 70's early this morning), little in the way of comfort will be felt today unless you have access to air conditioning.

Unlike yesterday, we should see a few moments of sunshine. Those moments of sun probably act to destabilize the atmosphere a fair amount, with that lack of sunshine a good reason why we really never got the heavy, widespread thunderstorms that some modeling hinted at.  We still got nailed pretty good in spots -- especially in the northern and western burbs -- but sunshine was a definite premium yesterday.  There might be a bit more around today but given the extensive plume of atmospheric moisture, clouds may end up ruling the roost more often than not.  There will be some moments of sun though...definitely more than yesterday!

Highs probably get into the lower 80's, perhaps mid 80's south of the city, with humidity not too far away from that point.