Friday, July 26, 2013

Some Seasonably Cool Air On This Side Of The Globe

Yesterday's mid 70 degree air is pretty refreshing given we hadn't been that cool around here since June 7th (it also rained 3.50" that day).  We've literally cut the humidity with a knife of a cool front on Wednesday, bringing us yesterday's cool and today's comfort.

The "core of cool" over the coming days will be over the Midwest and Great Lakes -- the GFS is modeling temperature departures of ten degrees below normal for a large swath of real estate over the next five days.  High temperatures in Minneapolis today and tomorrow are modeled to be near if not below 70 degrees, which is almost fifteen degrees below average for this time of the year.

That level of cool won't get this far east but we will avoid 90 over the foreseeable future.  A trough sorta holds the cards over the eastern half of the continent -- more specifically the Great Lakes -- for the next several days as a cool front approaches and crosses the region with storms on Saturday night and Sunday.  Dry but seasonable weather holds in place beyond that -- as temperatures generally hang around or a couple of degrees below average next week.

Temperature departures over the next five days -- courtesy MDA & WGN-TV ( Tom Skilling)

Back to the trough for a moment, if you look at the temperature anomalies around the globe for the next five days -- two relatively larger swaths of real estate are featuring some of the coolest to their respective averages. First, our friends in Brazil (which had snow in their southern states earlier in the week)...but secondly, the Midwest and Lakes...which just may be the coolest to average on the whole over the next five days in the world.