Friday, July 26, 2013

Split Personality Weekend Ahead

The weekend as a whole won't be a total washout but we will see a nicer first half of the weekend compared to the second half as a frontal boundary approaches and then slowly crosses the region. Most of the region should fare relatively well on Saturday -- there could be some clouds on the increase during the afternoon and/or at night but of the two days this weekend, Saturday appears to us the nicer day this weekend.  There will be some storms that will fire up to the west of the city with the approaching frontal boundary, with those storms modeled to be in Central Pennsylvania by sunset according to most models...perhaps pushing Harrisburg in some of the faster modeling that's out there.

High res modeling shows frontal boundary approaching region tomorrow evening w/ line of storms.

Most of those storms should stay west and northwest of us through Saturday evening but as the frontal boundary pushes into our region, it slows and does the ol' summer crawl through Philadelphia on Sunday. A wave of energy pushes northeast along the front and enhances the thunder threat for Sunday, yielding a bit more unsettled picture for weather on Sunday in the region. Scattered thunderstorms look increasingly likely for the region on Sunday with the frontal boundary in the area and this wave of low pressure moving along it.

Frontal boundary slowly oozes through region on Sunday, bringing region thunder chances.

The front should clear off the coast by Sunday night or early Monday morning. Given the orientation of the front, the amount of cloud cover in place, and the general setup in the atmosphere it does not appear that severe weather will occur at more than an isolated clip, if that, on Sunday. There could be a few severe storm warnings on Saturday in Central PA with any thunderstorms that develop but as of now odds of that look relatively low as merely looks like a run-of-the-mill thunderstorm threat for the region and an unsettled second half of the weekend around here.