Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Storm Threat Takes Step Back Today

The threat of soaking showers and storms will diminish a bit compared to past days -- but the threat does remain.  Modeling shows the prospect of heavy rains shifting to our west as the highway of high impact moisture gradually bubbles to our west and northwest as the influence of the Bermuda High in the Atlantic builds slowly westward.   We'll still see some pop up showers and storms in the afternoon, along with those tropical looking clouds, but we should see a bit more sunshine today compared to yesterday.

Highs this afternoon are expected to get into the mid and upper 80's through the region, warmest along and south of I-95. I doubt we see any 90's...but with dew points in the low 70's in much of the region it's going to feel a good bit warmer and a good bit more humid as well, with the heat index combination of temperature and dew point likely to make it feel like it's in the lower or even mid 90's.