Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunny, Hot and Humid

Another hot and humid day is in store.  Temperatures are in the mid 70's across the region as of 7am.  Excessive heat warnings  are in place for the city and surrounding counties in PA and NJ.   Heat index values for a few hours this afternoon will approach 100 degrees.

An upper-level ridge and Bermuda High continue to dominate our weather.  Highs again today will reach the lower and middle 90's for many spots throughout the region, slightly cooler to our northwest and also at the Shore.

An upper-level low that has been sitting over the Mississippi Valley has begun to slowly move east.  It will be getting close enough that it may create enough instability and spark off a thunderstorm or two.  This would not be until the late afternoon/evening hours and would mainly be confined to areas in the Poconos and areas far west of the city.  By tonight, all areas will have a chance of seeing thunderstorms.

Overall, skies will be mainly clear with lots of sunshine.  But we'll see some clouds building, especially west of the city and Southeast PA later in the day, after 2pm.