Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Updating You On Tonight's Rain & Thunder

As we work into the evening hours, our attention is on this scattered shield of rain and thunder that's to our south and southwest. While the showers and storms are not producing flooding rains (yet), some of them are pretty robust and it is pushing north and northeast towards us.  Radar up above is a little overdone compared to reality in terms of areal coverage but the heavier precipitation plays out pretty close to reality...there are areas of heavier thunderstorms embedded within the showers, some of those will impact parts of the region this evening.

I don't think we see all of this precipitation -- a good portion of it may fizzle as the night carries on -- but this is tied largely to an atmospheric disturbance that's over Virginia and is pushing up the coast.  By and large, I would expect the lion's share of precipitation to occur up through 11 PM or Midnight before precipitation begins to slowly taper off from southwest to northeast as the night carries on.  We'll see if that thought becomes reality.  The best chances of anything of note look to be south, southwest, as well as gradually shifting east of the city through the evening hours.

Precipitation is tracking northeast for the most part, around the periphery of the Bermuda High in the Atlantic.  It was providing us these tropical looking small cumulus clouds pushing north and northeast through the mid level overcast deck.  We were able to coax a bit of sunshine out there so one could see the individual clouds trek along -- very similar to what you'd see down in the tropics, only in Philadelphia instead!

Rainfall could be locally heavy but I don't think everyone gets drenched to the extent many of us have been the past several days. However, it will only add more moisture to the atmosphere and keep the muggies in place.

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