Monday, August 12, 2013

A Little More On This Afternoon's Thunder Threat

Today's shower and storm coverage is not widespread, mainly scattered, and as Mark alluded to in our daycast this morning there are a number of shortwaves (little disturbances) along a warm frontal boundary are triggering those shower and storm breakouts across our region.

Today will not be a total washout but it does appear that midday and the afternoon hours afford the best chance for thunderstorms in terms of overall coverage around the region.   One of the higher res models out there suggests that storms will pop in the midday hours along I-95 and slowly push east, with New Jersey and Delaware seeing the brunt of activity for the afternoon hours while Pennsylvania's chances for thunder diminish after midday.

The odds of stronger storms are pretty low but a few of these could produce some gusty winds and small hail later on, especially over South Jersey and Delaware where there will be a bit more sunshine today to work the atmosphere over compared to places north and west of the city.  If any stronger storms were to fire up, south and east of the city would be the best bet for locations to get them.

You can check the radar on our current weather page through the day to keep tabs on where and shower or storm activity is at.