Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Rainy Intro To August

Contrary to some thinking, it hasn't rained each Thursday over the course of the makes for the fifth Thursday since the start of June where we've experienced at least some rain in the city (batting five for nine in that department). Rain will fall at varying intervals, steady to perhaps in spots.

There will be lulls in the activity out there today, probably in the latter afternoon into the early evening hours.  IF we get some sunshine beyond just a few token glimmers, late afternoon through dinner would probably be the time for that to occur. If enough sun breaks out, we could see some thunderstorms break out in Central Pennsylvania and push towards Philadelphia for the early evening hours. It's not likely -- just a possibility.

The rain that falls this morning into the afternoon is not a possibility though -- that looks pretty likely and some spots will pick up a couple of inches of rain today. Best chances for that will be northwest of the city. Southeast of I-95 looks to get the lowest rainfall amounts on the whole but one inch totals cannot be ruled out.  One of the higher resolution models (below) shows a possible rainfall distribution for later on today.

For now, we're projecting highs in the mid and upper 70's through the region. If rain pushes through fast enough and we get a bit more sunshine, low 80's is entirely possible late in the afternoon hours to the west and south, perhaps even in the city. It's just as likely we hang in the lower half of the 70's through the day instead, especially northwest of the city.