Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Disturbance Tracks Near

An upper disturbance will dive southeast through Pennsylvania and Maryland today, bringing some showers to areas south and west of the city. This goes on while a weak boundary nudges southward through the Northeast, agitating the atmosphere enough to trigger a few showers and storms around in New Jersey and Poconos.

Some areas stay dry and avoid shower activity altogether -- and should get a mix of clouds and sun for the day ahead. Other areas will deal with some showers, a few thunderstorms. Coverage will be a bit more widespread than isolated, a bit less than scattered or "smattering" comes back out from the recesses of bad weather cliches...yep, hit and miss, widely scattered showers and storms. The best chances of the steadiest shower activity probably reside south and west of the city -- a few downpours can't be ruled out this afternoon in spots but I don't foresee widespread geographic rains.

With a bit more cloud cover in place than yesterday, temperatures may not get as warm as the near 90 degree temperatures we experienced. Mid 80's look common throughout the region for highs this afternoon.