Thursday, August 01, 2013

August 2nd, 2013 Forecast

Tonight, any showers that remain in the area will be light, but I still won't rule out a rumple of thunder.  Otherwise, skies will remain mainly overcast.  Lows tonight will drop into the mid- to upper 60's around the Philadelphia metro and to the south and east.  Lows fall further, into the lower to mid-60's to the north and west.  Winds will be south at 5 to 10 mph.  Tomorrow looks much better, with clearing skies and fairly warm temperatures.  Humidity will be lower than Thursday, with dewpoints in the 50's.  Highs tomorrow in the mid-80s around the city, lower to mid-80's up towards the north and west and upper 80's to the south and east as well.  Winds a bit breezier tomorrow out of the northwest, shifting to the west later in the day.

A very moderate temperature forecast for the week ahead.  Saturday, temperatures will get up into the mid-80's with a few showers and thunderstorms around, mixing with partly sunny skies.  High's drop into the lower 80's on Sunday, with a chance of a few showers early in the day, but giving way to mostly sunny skies.  Lows for the beginning of next week way down into the lower 60's.  Monday looks like a great day, almost reminiscent of a fall-like day, with highs not getting out of the 70's.    Tuesday will feature increasing clouds and a chance of late-day showers and storms with highs around 80-degrees.  Wednesday, with highs in the lower 80's, could be stormy, with scattered showers and thunderstorms.  By Thursday, high temperatures are slowly creeping up into the lower to mid-80's and partly sunny skies.