Sunday, August 04, 2013

Comfortable Night Ahead

A dry northwesterly flow of air through the atmosphere the next couple of days is providing us another respite in humidity and heat. The pattern of sorts if supportive of normalish to below normalish temperatures overall.  It won't stay this way forever -- we probably warm up in the Wednesday or Thursday timeframe and we could, perhaps, make a run at 90 later this week. More on that tomorrow.

Until then, the pattern in place for the start of the week and the general look for the first half of August is supportive of a ridge west/trough west look, which means that summery warmth is an exception and that temperatures will likely average out cooler than normal for the first two to three weeks of the month. There will be warm days but the trend overall is not conducive to blowtorch warmth and dripping humidity on a regular basis.  The South and Southwest will be warm...and for the next week or so, parts of Western Canada and Alaska will be pretty warm by their standards as well.

This certainly does not mean summer is over by any stretch -- modeling hints at a warmer perspective after the 20th of August although that's not a lock in terms of start's conceivable that Labor Day weekend will be a good bit warmer than today or tomorrow will be around here as well.  For those who like their summers a bit more temperate -- enjoy the overall pattern the next couple of weeks as locked in heat will be an exception.