Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Comparatively Comfortable August Nights

We've posted about how much cooler this August is compared to past years -- in fact, it was earlier on pace for the coolest August since '92. It probably doesn't end up *that* cool given that this week will be typical for late August but this year will make a very solid run at coolest August since 2000.

Our monthly average temperature through yesterday is 74.0 degrees, with August 2000 coming in at 74.1 and 2008 coming in at 74.6. Regardless of where we end up, we're solidly below average this month in temperatures...partly due to a number of cooler, cloudy days but even at night we've experienced a fair amount of comfort!

Our average nighttime low so far this year is 66.56 degrees, coolest since 2008 (65.58). Last year's average nighttime low of 70.48 certainly won't be reached, either.

I put some other years in the list in perspective to show you some "cooler" examples in the not-too-distant past. 1992 and 1997 were both below 65 degrees for an average nighttime temperature -- '97 only had six 70 degree nights (same as this year so far), '92 had seven, but both were cooler thanks to larger number of 60-65 degree nights than this year.

1986's inclusion is due to the fact that it contains the last three instances where Philadelphia dropped below 50 degrees at night in the month of August (August 28th-30th, lows of 49, 44, and 47 on those three days...all of which are record lows). Philadelphia's only accomplished this seven times, all of them after the move of the climate site to the Airport from Center City in 1940 (other years were '63, '65, and '82). The '86 cool shot in late August is one that will likely not happen anytime soon but it is one stretch of chill that is pretty remarkable for the time of the year that it occurred.

Some of the other lows around the region during August '86 include 41 in Allentown and Trenton, 42 in Atlantic City, and 31 in Mount Pocono.

Those type of low temperatures won't be occurring around here for a while yet this year. But this year has been much more comfortable than the past few, thankfully!