Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Definitely Won't Be The Warmest Year On Record This Year!

Last year's blistering pace for record warmth through the year was due in large part to temperatures being above average on a two to one scale through the first nine months of the year. This pace slowed in October, cooled in November, but was still enough to carry us to the warmest year in weather records in the city.  Through August 11th last year, we had just under three times as many above average days (161) as below average (54).

This year is far, far from that.  Through the 11th, we've only seen 107 above average days, with 95 below average days on temperature.

Our yearly average temperature (56.50) is over three degrees below what we were kicking through this point last year (59.78) and less than a degree above the long-term average.

Of course, this win is a bit fleeting given how much rain we've had this June and July but at least we're not sweating through a record-setting temperature year (again). Others are doing just that for you quite well.