Sunday, August 18, 2013

Driving The Bus To 90ish Temperatures Later This Week

Our cool August (and end of July) is coming to an end as a four week stretch of Fall-like weather is going to reverse course for a while as a high pressure ridge is planning to build in.

We mentioned the end of August was going to warm up -- we couldn't stay cool to begin with and long range modeling a couple of weeks ago was hinting that the 20th and beyond would feature a warming trend, with late August and Labor Day Weekend featuring temperatures that were warmer than what occurred in the beginning of the month. While the magnitude of warmth for Labor Day Weekend is still to be determined, it is looking like we're going back to summer starting on Tuesday and remaining in a more August-like regime for at least the next couple of weeks.

We're not talking stifling, nasty, oppressive heat. No runs at 100 and even getting much above 90 is probably unlikely. However, Wednesday and Thursday do offer the first very good chance at a 90 degree day in four weeks.  High pressure will bubble in aloft, as depicted above with the oranges and reds in the graphic above showing higher heights (high pressure) building in.  80's and 90's will dominate the Northeast for these couple of days as the trough that has brought cool and nice weather fizzles out.   Our best shot at 90 is probably Thursday before a cool front slides through on Friday.  Said front probably doesn't produce much in the way of shower activity as the low pressure area responsible for the front will be too far north and we'll be on the tail end of the front.  While the air behind the front will be a bit cooler, the difference in temperature will not be substantial next weekend.

If anything, summer's demise is definitely delayed. It's second act won't be like it was in late June and July but it will be like your typical latter August stretch -- 80's, some 90's.