Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good...Or Bad News...Shedding Light On Dwindling Daylight

For those who are fans of long days, short nights, and plenty of light, yesterday was the last 8 PM sunset until May 6th, 2014.  From here on out, the sunsets will get progressively earlier and the sunrises (which matter for me as a morning runner) are getting progressively later.

While we still have rather lengthy daylight at this point, we shave off an hour and a half in the next forty days. Before you know it, our sunsets will be occurring before 7 PM (September 21st) and not long after that, October 4th, we cross the 7 AM timeframe from sunrise for a while before bouncing back before 7 once daylight saving time ends in early November.

The steady slip of daylight will continue through will our average temperatures.  Our average high today is 86 degrees, which will drop to 76 on September 21st.  From there, the average drops to 50 by December 1st, just three and a half months away.

If you like winter, this post will give you hope.  Obviously, if you hate winter, cherish the next few weeks because daylight is about to dwindle on you a lot quicker than you would like...and that dwindling daylight will gradually drive temperatures in a colder direction and those nice, warm days at the beach will be a distant memory before too long.