Friday, August 23, 2013

If We Skate Through Rest of 2013 Without Hitting 90

We told you summer wasn't quite over yet and that 90 degree days were still possible. We got close, VERY close, on Wednesday as we hit 89. So, yeah, we avoided it and dodged 90 and thus continue to ramble on towards a 90-less August if we can make it through next week without hitting the 90 degree mark.  Despite avoiding 90, it was pretty summery out there the past couple of days -- warmer than what we've seen in much of the past month.

That said, if we do skate through the rest of the year without hitting 90, it would be one of nine years since weather records have been tracked around here (1874) where we have managed to avoid hitting 90 from August 1st on.

The last time this occurred was 1984.  In fact, since the official temperature recording site was moved out to the Airport from Center City in 1940 it's only happened twice (1963 the other year).

If we do manage to coax one more 90 (it's still possible we have more than that as the 90 degree season theoretically lasts into early October, although the odds are going to quickly diminish after Labor Day), it would join seven other years where we've only been able to coax one 90 degree day after the end of July.

The intriguing thing about the years that avoided 90 after July is that most of the years featured very few 90 degree days. Among the 15 total years, only 1963 (assuming we have no more 90's) and 1894 had as many or more 90 degree days. Eight of the years had less than 10 90 degree days for the few as five in 1889.