Monday, August 26, 2013

Mix of Clouds and Sun. Shower/T'Storm Possible Towards Evening

Temperatures are in the mid 60's across the region as of 7am.  There are a few showers moving south and east in Northeastern PA.  These are due to a warm front that is moving east and passing to our north.  These showers are rapidly falling apart and disappating as they move into drier air to the south and won't make it to the city.  But there is quite a bit of cloud cover across the region and this will diminish somewhat during the morning leaving sun and clouds as the general rule through the day.

High Pressure is directing our weather at the moment.  And its dominating most of the country as it is situated to the south and west of the region and extends westward all the way to the Central U.S.  This High, a strong one, will influence our weather all week and will provide very hot weather for the Central U.S.  But we should be far enough east not to experience 90 degree heat.

As the warm front passes to our north, a southwest flow and increasing instability will ensue by the afternoon.  This will increase the chances for a shower or thunderstorm.  But any rain should hold off until the evening hours and mainly after 5pm. 

Increasing chances for rain will be during the overnight hours.  A few shortwaves in the upper-levels across the Great Lakes and southern Canada will be riding overtop the ridge of High Pressure.  These will help to trigger thunderstorm complexes and with the flow, they will move south and east towards New England and our region.  This will have to be watched, with later forecasts giving a better idea of what we may or may not see.