Sunday, August 18, 2013

Periods of Rain

Scattered areas of showers are around parts of the region, working northeast. As of 7am, there are areas of rain around city and others points south and west towards Lancaster and Harrisburg and is slowly moving north and east.  An area of Low Pressure to the south bringing the precipitation will move offshore the Virgina coastline during the day.

Showers are scattered and are pushing northeast, with a couple of steadier areas of rain to our west and southwest. There are breaks in the coverage of showers and some spots may not see showers at all...others could pick up a quarter to half inch of rain.

Temperatures in the mid 60's now will not rise much today thanks to the rain, the extensive cloud cover and northeast flow off the ocean.  Highs get into the 70's today, with lower and middle 70's the most common temperatures in the region by day's end.