Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pushing 90, Perhaps Pushing Thunder Threat Tonight

A relatively warm start out there this morning in the city as temperatures are a few degrees warmer than yesterday, around or just above 70 right around Philly with mainly 60's in the outlying areas and a couple of spots in the upper 50's (Quakertown).  We're going to make a run at 90 degrees today away from the Shore as a warm, summery, a bit humid day is ahead of us.

Today should remain dry through dinnertime but a weak disturbance over Kentucky and Tennessee will push northeast and work towards the region late in the day. This could trigger some thunderstorms down near DC and Baltimore by dinner, with those storms possibly drifting northeast towards Philadelphia during the evening and overnight hours.  They should avoid us during the day, however.

If we hit 90, it will be our first of the month and 20th of the year in the city...and our first 90 since July 21st.  We're forecasting 91 in the city, with most folks away from the coast getting to around 90 by day's end.  It will be cooler at the Shore -- probably low or perhaps mid 80's before the ocean's influence kicks in and knocks things back a notch or two later in the afternoon.