Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shanghai Summer Of Sizzle Marches On

The summer of Shanghai sizzle marches on...although the intense heat of earlier this month has started to take a back seat somewhat.  After a stretch of 18 days in 21 where the high in Shanghai exceeded 100 degrees, the high the past five days has "only" been 96 or 98 degrees depending on the day.

The lows haven't changed much -- still steamy in comparison as Shanghai has had overnight lows at or over 80 each night since August 2nd -- a stretch of 16 consecutive days through today.  The average low in Shanghai so far this month has been 83.5 degrees, higher than our average high (81.2).

Shanghai's latitude is 31 degrees north, a bit north of Jacksonville, FL. That said, having the level of overnight lows that they've seen, including a night with a low of 89 (yikes) is still oppressive no matter the location.

The heat wave that had been beating up China most of this summer has also extended its grip occasionally to Japan, with Tokyo flirting with 100 degrees earlier this month on two occasions. While not record heat for Tokyo, the stretch of 90 degree days in Japan's capital is now at 11 days in a location whose weather is a lot more similar to Philadelphia's in the summer than Shanghai's.  The persistent heat ridge that has brought the insane heat to the Far East continues, a bit weaken as Typhoon Utor (the blue shading to the southwest of Shanghai's marked orange X) moved onshore over Southeast China and has stalled out, bringing heavy rains to a very parched part of China.  Utor should eventually rain itself out as the heat ridge blocks much more of a northward progression.

Modeling does show another round of tropical rains (potential tropical storm) moving towards China later next week as a couple of tropical systems are spinning up in the Western Pacific now in Utor's wake. There is some possibility from the GFS that one of those systems moves towards Shanghai and brings an end to the heat at some point late next week.