Friday, August 30, 2013

Slow Burn Of Clouds This Morning But Decent Afternoon

Low clouds and fog exist around the region this morning. Much like yesterday, a murky start to the day will yield gradual improvement in the sky condition as the sun climbs in the sky and burns off those low clouds. However, it's going to take a little while so the result is a clouds to mix of clouds and sun type of day.

The last of last night's shower and storm activity is fizzling as it drifts southward through Delaware early this morning. It dropped over an inch of rain in Allentown last night as they drifted southward through the western suburbs, accompanied by a few loud rumbles of thunder and downpours.

The good news is, thanks to high pressure around the region, we will be dry. We should avoid a rainy day and should be able to skate through today on the dry side of the fence. It will be muggy though!

Highs this afternoon range from the lower to middle 80's, very similar in temperature to yesterday...perhaps a degree warmer in spots.