Thursday, August 22, 2013

Updating This Morning's Storms

This morning's thunderstorms that popped over the northern burbs tracked across Burlington and Bucks Counties, bringing a heavy downpour along I-95 and I-295 on both sides of the river. Some localized flooding occurred along 295 in Bordentown earlier from the heavy rains, which totaled two inches in some spots according to NWS radar estimates.

As we approach 9 AM, storms are clustered in two areas -- one to the northeast of Philadelphia and a second to our south in Lower Delaware. Everything is moving slowly east and northeast -- with these thunderstorms associated with an upper level disturbance that's out ahead of a cold front.  That front is a good distance away from us and won't cross the region until tonight.

This means we'll be in a humid airmass, with the disturbance acting as a trigger for scattered thunderstorm activity through the day today.

Some of the higher resolution modeling out there paints more storms across the region later on today -- there's activity popping up near Gettysburg that's moving east as well...that's still a few hours away from our region but it could be the modeled thunderstorm and shower activity depicted below for 2 PM across our region.  Based on what we're seeing out there, it does look like there will be breaks in the storms from time to time across the region and some spots may skate through today without storms at all. Such is the nature of scattered thunder.

Other modeling is less aggressive in shower and thunderstorm coverage but still paint the potential for scattered storms.  As with this morning's activity across Lower Bucks and Burlington Counties, the potential for any storm to produce heavy rains in a short period of time does exist. Today's storms aren't moving very fast and the atmosphere is moisture rich -- the result will be a few areas that pick up these soaking downpours and, yeah, perhaps more localized flooding.

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