Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Warm Places, Cool Places, But Very Few Chasing Warmest Ever

The first seven months of 2013 provided Philadelphia its 20th warmest start since 1872 despite a cooler summer than anything we've seen in the last four years. In fact, this is the coolest start to a year since 2009 as well.  Some locations, however, are having years that approach their warmest or are their warmest in the first seven months, on record. These locations are on the coasts, with the middle of the country featuring generally cooler than average numbers this year.

No states are on pace for their coldest or warmest years on record -- although specific locations like Fresno, CA, are en route for their warmest year on record at their current pace. Even within the Mid Atlantic, none of the three states that make up our region are approaching their warmest years or even a top ten year (Delaware and New Jersey are closest at 16th warmest since 1895, with Pennsylvania's year ranking 33rd overall).

I have the list of warmest and coolest to average for a number of cities nationally listed below. For point of reference, Philadelphia's year so far comes in at 55.36 degrees, 0.90 degrees above the 1981-2010 average.  You can thank the warmth in January and July for bumping the yearly temperature above average.

The full list is available from NOAA and the NCDC.