Thursday, August 08, 2013

Warmer, Even More Humidity As Well

A warmer, more humid day is on tap in the region today. Yeah, if you thought yesterday was humid enough (and some of my friends said it wasn't 'that bad' while I sweated buckets on my run last night), let's add a bit more humidity to the equation this afternoon and notch the temperature up a bit as well.

How warm we ultimately get is dependent on sunshine...but I think we'll see at least some sunshine around the region as the humidity front lifts far enough north to get us into a more tropical and less cloudy setup.  We should see sunshine break out a bit more towards midday and into the afternoon.

With the added humidity and instability in the atmosphere, there's enough "there" to generate thunderstorms in the midday and afternoon hours.  Modeling indicates the best chances may be northwest of the city where there's a bit more cool air aloft to generate some instability to fire those storms up.  We'll see -- storms do appear to be scattered should they fire up later today.  Any storm could produce heavy rainfall.

Highs today, assuming enough sun, get into the lower (north) and mid (everywhere else) 80's. Add a few degrees to that for dew points in the 70's and your heat index will be pushing the upper 80's and low 90's at peak heat.