Friday, August 16, 2013

Continued Comfortable

We continue our nice stretch of weather today as high pressure continues to hold firm over the region. You may have noticed those high clouds to our southeast yesterday -- there will be a few bands of cirrus around again later today as a trough digs in across the middle of the country and the stalled front along the Carolina coastline begins to nudge sloooooowly northward. It won't impact us today and likely won't impact us tomorrow but there will be a slow, persistent increase in cloud cover by Saturday.

After another cool start in the Delaware Valley, temperatures will warm through the course of the day, reaching the 80's this afternoon in much of the region.  We're projecting 81-83 as the general rule of thumb high away from the ocean, with mid and upper 70's at the immediate coast.  Winds will be southerly but light and the level of humidity will still remain quite low.