Sunday, August 04, 2013

Weather Rewind: July 28-August 3, 2013

Temperatures averaged 3.1 degrees below normal last week as we extended our streak of days of below average temperatures (the blend of high and low together) to eleven consecutive days. This streak equals the longest stretch of below average temperatures since March 20th-30th around these parts. Given that the next few days probably feature some below average temperatures as well, we will likely get to a fourteen day stretch, which is arguably the longest we've seen around here in some time. Doing a quick data check, the longest streak after 14 days is February 5-19, 2003...a 15 day stretch that includes one really big snowstorm around Presidents Day.

The streak of below average "chill" that we experienced in the wake of Sandy was 12 days in length, which is the longest streak we've had in a while.  Summer chill, obviously, is a different beast than what we get in November but you get the idea that we've had a nice, lengthy break in the high heat of summer.

Humidity, at times, has been a different story.  Sunday's storms were brought to us by a moisture-rich atmosphere and produced anywhere from a few tenths to eight inches of rain, dependent on location. The axis of heaviest rains were along I-95 and I-295 across the southern parts of the Philadelphia metro, including the Airport.  A second shot of heavy rain moved through most of the region on Thursday, producing anywhere from a half inch to four inches of rain...highest totals to our south in Sussex County, DE.  The airport for the week picked up 9.59" of rain, about two months worth in a five day stretch.  Other spots locally picked up a lot less -- examples include Allentown (1.66") and Reading (0.87").  You can see that rainfall disparity around the region below -- most spots saw a lot less than that 30 mile swath across the Delaware Valley and the second bullseye across Southwest Delaware.