Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Few Days Of Comfy Ahead After Tomorrow

Humidity will be fleeting, as will the scattered soakers, once the frontal boundary that lurks to our west finally, grudgingly, pushes through the region late on Monday into Monday night.  The balance of the work week shapes up as progressively comfortable and, dare we say it, typical of early September.

For one, atmospheric moisture will be on the wane -- dewpoint levels will drop into the 40's and 50's and PWAT's will trend to below an inch, both signs of a dry, comfortable atmosphere. This will generally be the rule through at least Friday -- some earlier modeling suggested this continued into the weekend but recent trends suggest we get a bit muggier into the weekend but not at levels we're seeing now. You can see how the GFS projects the moisture return in the Midwest (dewpoints in the 60's from Minnesota south) while we deal with comfortable air over us.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning all look comfortable through the week -- with Wednesday and Friday arguably the coolest potential mornings in the week ahead.  We have a secondary "cool" front pushing through on Thursday that will briefly reinforce the comfortable pattern in our region. While the city probably stays above 60 at night through the pattern, the burbs should get 50's out this on those mornings...and the Poconos could potentially drop into the 40's.

None of this is entirely unusual for this time of the year -- nor unusual for us this year given we've been in the 50's already (back in August) and Mount Pocono has been in the 40's on six occasions last month. Nor will this be a permanent ceasing of humidity and warmth -- those will be on the comeback next weekend if the more recent thoughts from the GFS and Euro are right, although not quite as bad as it is out there now!

However, it is a break in the muggy pattern that's sticking to us through Labor Day weekend.