Sunday, September 08, 2013

Breezy, Mild, Mostly Sunny Later

A cold front is approaching the area and will be moving through during the day today.  There are a few showers out ahead of it, but there is not much moisture in the air and this front will be fairly dry as it moves through.  There could be a shower or two as it moves through.  The front will mainly produce a wind shift as a light southwesterly breeze will be coming northwesterly and winds will increase 10-15 mph.

Temperatures will vary from north to south, as the cold front will move through areas north and west of city much earlier in the day.  So those areas will see highs a few degrees cooler in the mid 70's, where as points south and east of the city will warm to the lower 80's...perhaps even mid 80's in a few spots south of town.

Considerable cloudiness this morning will decrease through the afternoon, with mainly a clear sky for most areas by evening or sunset.