Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crisp Gives Way To Epic

We have a crisp start around the region this morning -- 40's, even some 30's out there in many locations. The good news is that the chill won't last terribly long today as sunshine will dominate the picture for most of us through the course of the day.

I say "most of us" because a few mid level clouds could lurk to our south today. Higher resolution modeling suggests some stratus and onshore nudge of clouds across Southern Delaware later today -- it should not impact us in the city nor be a major nuisance even to the south...just enough to throw some clouds across Sussex and Kent Counties. The rest of us will struggle to see clouds of any sort.

Temperatures this afternoon will get into the lower 70's in most locations...perhaps a 73 or 74 in a few spots. Winds will be light and variable most of the day, nudging to the south in the afternoon.