Saturday, September 07, 2013

Earliest Frosty Starts

With this morning's crisp start around the region behind us, thought it would be neat to show some perspective on early season chill. The suburban 40's (and the city's 50's) are not unusual for early September given the city's record low this morning was 47 degrees and was set back in 1984. Other records for today included 41 in Reading, 43 in Allentown.

So, yeah, it can get pretty cool around here in early September. I don't think anyone's complaining about that at all!

For those wondering at home about frosty's still a little while off. I used "below 35" degrees as a benchmark and dug through the records for local locations to see the earliest morning where the low was below 35 degrees. If you thought Allentown or Reading would win that would be wrong.

Atlantic City -- 34 degrees, September 20th, won.

Granted, this list doesn't include Mount Pocono, which wins just about any cold fight any location has in this part of the world, ever. But among towns in the non-mountainous parts of the world, a location ten miles from the ocean wins.

Sandy soil, relatively rural location, near the Pinelands...great mix for those radiational cooling nights that you need at this time of the year to win the race to the temperature bottom.

Philadelphia's earlier sub 35 degree morning was on October 1st, 1947 and its earliest sub 40 degree occurred on September 21st, 1956.

We're still a little ways away from getting to these temperatures but the temperatures of the past two mornings are a definite sign that cooler times are on the way, eventually on a more sustained basis!