Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fewest 80 Degree Days In August Since 2000

August 2013 finished with 20 days of 80 degrees or warmer, including none of 90 or warmer. It's the fewest number of 80 degree days in the month of August around here since 2000, when we tallied 19.

Both of those years don't come close to the fewest number of 80 degree days in Philadelphia during August. That record was set on two occasions -- 1883 and 1903 both featured 13 days. Unlike this year, those years did get to 90 at some point during the month.

Most years feature 25 or more 80 degree days -- the average of the 1981-2010 timeframe is 26. Last year featured the entire month at or over 80 degrees. The last time we tallied "just" 25 was 2007.  While none of those years were on the order of 1946, 1903, or 1883, it's still a rather unique statistic for us.

Stretching this past month's "lack" of 80 degree weather out over an entire year, Philly's had 82 days at or over 80 this year. The average year has 102 days of 80 or warmer, 15 of which occur after September 1st. 2010 through 2012 each had 114 or more days of 80+ if one does the math, it's going to take a lot of late season warmth to approach those statistics!